What to expect

This page explains how a regression session is structured. There is further information in F.A.Q.s

Before we begin:

You will decide what issue you would like to work with. It is possible to have a past life regression based on what ‘our higher mind choses for us’ but it is better to work with a specific issue or problem as then the progress made in clearing the issue is more evident.

Whether regression takes place with a past life or a current life, there are three phases to the process:

Hypnosis induction/ Bridging

The induction stage is really a relaxation phase. The so-called trance state is merely just relaxed, ‘right brain’ state which tends to be more visual than rational (associated with left brain). Both hypnosis and bridging really bring the client into a relaxed and embodied state – the pre-conditions for healing.


This phase involves exploring the past life or going back into a current life. Often it takes a while to really tune into the past life or something that happened earlier in our lives. Some people are more visual and others have just a sense of something. At the start we might feel as though we are ‘making it up’ but as we get into a flow we lose sense of this and become more embodied. The scenes become more and more real. Often (and not always) this phase is accompanied by the release of some emotion – profound love or sadness, for example.


The transformation phase is an extremely important healing phase. Clients are often guided to meet the souls/ spirits of those that may have been perpetrators/ victims to say ‘what could not be said at the time’. This process usually leads to deep understanding and forgiveness. This phase can also be time for deep healing of the body or receiving wisdom from our higher self/ spirit guide. We may experience profound insights that relate to issues in our life and see the issue from a much higher perspective.

After the session:

It is useful to have a little time to let things settle and not go rushing back into our everyday lives. Further realisations may occur after a session if they are given space.