VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Experience a holistic system of energetic healing that channels divine light and consciousness – to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken us to True Self.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a magical healing art and path that it is associated with the divine energy of Merlin. VortexHealing carries the power to transform emotional conditioning, physicality, ego-identity, and the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings. It can also work on situations to restore harmony. The result of VortexHealing is not just the transformation of conditioning but the awakening of consciousness to its true nature – it opens us to the inner freedom of our true being.

The philosophy of VortexHealing is that all of life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity) expressing Itself as this amazing experience of creation. But we have lost this awareness and consequently have gotten caught in all kinds of issues that generate disease in our bodies and suffering in our hearts. Our basic experience of life is one of separation, of experiencing ourselves as a particular being that is essentially separate from everything else in creation and separate from the Universal Source of creation. This creates all kinds of issues and false identities that, over time (and lives), imprint or condition every level of our human system—our bodies, our minds, our emotions and even our sense of spirituality. The web of this conditioning is incredibly deep, distorting our experience of being human and creating blockages in our human energy system, which in turn generates weakness and physical disease. VortexHealing tools not only release this conditioning but also returns us to wholeness or the awareness of what we are, by creating enough inner space from the webs of personal conditioning and enough self-awareness, so that we begin to awaken out of their conditioned web of reality to the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature.

Because VortexHealing is run by divine consciousness it can never be used for anything other than positive purposes.

More information about the history and lineage of vortex healing can be found at www.vortexhealing.org

Sam has been practicing vortex healing since 2010 and has now completed the highest level of training that is currently available (UAP).