“Thank you for working with me Sam. It’s helped me so much. I have no idea how, but it seems that so many blockages have miraculously gone away. Much gratitude and love to you” (SY)

“I did not know what to expect from a past life regression. This was my very first time doing this. From the moment I met Sam, she felt very trustworthy and transparent to me and I knew that she had goodness pouring through her, so I was not afraid to allow her to walk me through my past lives. Sam’s voice is very soothing. She walked me through two past lives in which I have known the father of my children from my current life. In this life I have experienced a lot of physical, emotional and mental abuse from him. I have been dealing with the effects of it for many years now, healing from it. I was completely not ready to allow myself to enter another relationship. In the regression I found out that in another life he killed me. I was able to ask him many questions and get the answers. I also saw him at my feet begging me for forgiveness. I saw how he was a victim of circumstance as well. His animosity did not have much to do with me. I was able to forgive a lot, let go of very heavy baggage I have carried for many years. I cried so hard, I was completely stuffed up. All this time Sam stayed very calm and with her soothing voice kept walking me from one scene to another asking just the right questions. The healing I have experienced in one session with Sam has no equals. After the regression it took me a long while to settle completely back in my body. Sam took the time and walked with me down the beach to make sure I am ok. Now, a month later I can say that my breathing got deeper, there is less mucus in my lungs, also the cold I got recently lasted only couple days as opposed to the normal week. I used to hold a lot of sadness in my lungs not having answers to the questions how someone who told me he loved me could have been so cruel. Now I know that this is the only way he knew how to be and I don’t try to somehow blame myself for what has happened. This is a big step in my life. A lot of deep healing has taken place in just this one session.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sam as a past life regression practitioner. She is truly incredible and without a doubt is meant to do this work and to help many people conquer challenges they have been facing. Sam, I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.”
(MR, healer)

“Wow! Amazing! That completely explained why I am the way I am” (E.F.)