Regression Therapy

Clearing issues at their source

I believe that unresolved past events can negatively influence our thoughts, behaviour and everyday life on an unconscious level (e.g. an unwanted habit, uncomfortable feeling, stuck emotion, repetitive pattern). Regression therapy is a very effective therapeutic tool which can help us understand why we feel or react as we do to certain situations or why the same unexplained symptoms or circumstances just keep repeating themselves. It helps us break free from past experiences which continue to hold us back in our present life by going to their very source and emptying out their charge.

Regression therapy involves revisiting or reliving/re-experiencing a past event (or life) in order to clear the emotions or physical/ energetic roots of a current problem. Because the client is in a deeply relaxed state, they can easily and gently be led into, and through, the moment in the past that they froze or were unable for some reason to feel their emotion, in order to release the energy that was ‘trapped’. As the client knows that they not experiencing the scene in the present moment, they are not re-traumatised by revisiting it. At the same time, they are able to feel the emotion that needs to be released.

Regression therapy can be an informative and insightful process for anyone, regardless of their beliefs. It is not even necessary to believe in past lives to benefit from a past life regression (for an alterative explanation for past life regression see F.A.Q.).

Aspects of Regression Therapy: Past life, current life, inner child healing and body therapy

Regression therapy can be applied to a past life or to our current life.

During a past life session the client is taken through hypnosis (relaxation process) into their past life body. Then the client is guided sequentially through the significant events of that life and through to the death point. The transformation takes place in the ‘spirit realm’.  This can involve for example, inviting in the spirit of perpetrators or victims in the story to give the client an opportunity to say what could not be said at the time. This usually brings about reconciliation and forgiveness and a sense of ‘letting go’. Some of the tools used in a regression session are borrowed from shamanic approaches to healing, such as spirit guides (or wise beings) and power animals. Sometimes it can also be useful to ‘reframe’ an issue (go back and replay the story with the wisdom, qualities and gifts that the adult now possesses) to allow the course of events to play out differently. People often experience a deeply peaceful and healing energy during the transformation process and may even experience new or unfamiliar states (such as having something that they lack in this life) which can help to re-pattern and attract this into our current lives.

I believe that past life regression therapy is much more powerful than a past life reading or a past life regression as the client releases trapped emotions and embarks on a process of deep resolution of issues (for more information see ‘What to expect’).

In current life regression a process called ‘bridging’ is used to guide the client into any memories associated with an emotional position or charge in the body. This often goes back to childhood. Painful emotions that were not felt at the time are easily released. The adult self is usually brought into the scene to show the child what it could not see at the time and give it the resources to deal with the situation differently (inner child healing). Sometimes, before this can happen, healing needs to take place between the adult and the child. Then the client is taken through other significant events in their life that were associated with this feeling so they can look upon them with fresh eyes and any remaining charge can be released.

Body therapy may be used in either past life or current lives. It can be useful where someone felt trapped or froze or were unable to run away from a situation, or when something physical happened that took someone by surprise. The body is given strength to do what it could not do at the time and if necessary is acted out (a little like psychodrama but from a relaxed lying down position) which generates a sense of empowerment and freedom.This process can be extremely effective in clearing unexplained pains and body ailments.