My VortexHealing® journey

My first experience with vortex was profound. It was somehow at the same time both an intense yet subtle experience (very difficult to describe and quite paradoxical!). It included a feeling of wellbeing; a sense that everything was fine as it was; an almost a divine and blissful state of oneness; deep tranquility and relaxation and a feeling that a benevolent presence had entered my world (which lasted hours after my session). All this was remarkable enough but I had this session only days after a relationship had ended that was very important to me and I was in a pretty bad way. I had a strong sense that vortex would help me through the difficult times ahead – and indeed it did. After my first few sessions ‘in person’, I continued to have some distant sessions and some months later embarked on the Basic Training. I have had short periods when I have ‘forgotten’ about vortex and then somehow I am reminded of its power again. I no longer need reminding – vortex has become an integral part of my life. I continue to love the feeling of being held in divine presence. I have no doubt that my life is clearer and emptier of the ‘gunk’ of conditioning because of my journey with vortex. I more regularly experience the divine in all that is.

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