My Training

2002: Qualified as Shiatsu practitioner with the Shiatsu College

2006: Foundation diploma in Chi Gung with the London Academy of QiGong and Traditional Chinese Medicine

2008: Teacher training in Chi Gung with Francesca Ferrari of the Five Branches College in the US

2007: Accredited teacher of Amoda’s Ecstatic Trance Dance

2010: Facilitator training in Astroshamanic Trance Dance and Drumming with Franco Santoro at Findhorn

2012 – 2013: Humanistic Alchemy (awarded a diploma in Humanistic Psychology)

2014: Sundoor Breathwork facilitator training, Peggy Dylan, Lendrick Lodge

2014: Soul retrieval training, Lendrick Lodge

2014: Certificate in Hypnosis with the Past Life Regression Acdemy

2015-16: Transformational Breath (Levels I-IVa)

2015: Dance of Awareness facilitator training

2015-2016: Diploma in Regression Therapy (Dip RTh) with the Past Life Regression Academy

2016: Certified in Tipi (Sensory Reliving) with Luc Nicon (training in London and France)

2016-17: Holding the Space (based on The Way of Council), facilitated by Simone Silverpath

2017: Trained in the Comprehensive Resource Model with Lisa Swartz and Frank Corrigan

2017: Qualified as a Shibashi QiGong Facilitator

2018: Diploma in Hypnotherapy accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society (on the Accredited register of the Professional Standards Authority recommended by the NHS). In progress.

2010 – present: Vortex Healing: Basic, Magical Structures, Karmic intensive, LifeForm, Omega, Multifrequency, Genetics, Jewel, Merlin’s Grace, O-self, I-Point, Sensing I, II and III, Universal Assemblage Point