Healing Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a process which enables us to enter a deeply relaxed state. In hypnotherapy this is referred to as a trance state. There is nothing unusual about this trance state – it happens when we are daydreaming, or driving on ‘autopilot’, for example. When we go into this state, the conscious, left brain, rational thinking mode diminishes and the right brain state or subconscious mind dominates, which is more visual, metaphorical, timeless and intuitive.

There are three particular advantages of this state which can be utilised for our wellbeing and for positive change in our lives: we are more suggestible; we can access repressed memories and we can more easily access our intuitive wisdom (see ‘How Does Healing Hypnotherapy Work?’ page for more information). Most hypnotherapy approaches focus just on the first of these – also known as ‘suggestive hypnotherapy’ – and much research testifies to its effectiveness. It is my preference to also draw upon the second and third advantages noted above, addressing issues in a deeper and more holistic way by getting to the root causes and clearing them. This is achieved through a more interactive session where the client’s subconscious mind/body responds to the questions of the therapist. In body/ healing work we can also access the intuitive wisdom of the body.

The sessions are always tailored to the individual (e.g. whether more visual or kinaesthetic; specific preferences to create relaxation) as well as the specific issue to be addressed. Before we start, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and there will be a short interview. This enables us to measure progress effectively.