One explanation for why regression therapy is so effective is that the subconscious/ right brain mind doesn’t differentiate between what happened in the past/ what happens now – the important thing is that the emotion giving rise to the trauma is felt and transformed as the client is in a deeply relaxed and embodied state. Once the emotion is cleared, the circumstances in life which give rise to this emotion no longer need to keep arising.

Some of the benefits of regression therapy

  • Understand, heal and resolve past trauma which is still being carried in a current life
  • Eliminate physical and emotional challenges by uncovering and dealing with the root cause
  • Identify recurring patterns and heal painful memories
  • Learn why certain challenges are faced
  • Work constructively to begin shape a positive future
  • Diminish the fear of death and see difficult situations from a much higher point of view, releasing their potency

Research Studies on the effectiveness of Regression Therapy

In a study by the Past Life Regression Academy, of 636 clients with ‘unexplained pain’ (such as migraines, back pain) the average score across all categories on the SUDs scale (with 10 being the highest intensity) was 7.9. After the session(s) a dramatic improvement in the average score was experienced. The average ‘after score’ was 0.9 (i.e. an average improvement of 7 points). Clients on average had only 1.6 sessions in total.