My Philosophy

I believe that our true nature is unconditional love; pure awareness; vibrant aliveness; and deep, peaceful beingness. Yet often in our lives we feel disconnected from our true nature. It seems that when we come in to this life, we are predisposed to experience a particular set of ‘issues’which can keep us feeling separate or disconnected from life, nature, God/sourceeach other and our true nature. While we each have our own unique bundle of ‘issues’, there are many common ones (such as not feeling good enough or a sense of lack). In vortex healing this is termed our ‘incarnational package’. Eckhart Tolle calls it our pain body. Or, it can simply be called our conditioning.

The therapeutic modalities that I offer have the purpose of clearing, from the very root or as deeply as possible, such issues/ conditioning so that we can access more easily, or rest in, our true nature. As we clear our conditioning we create more space for pure awareness and unconditional loveand become freer from, or less identified with our ‘stories’ and patterns and their associated emotions. This path is not always easy because as issues are clearedwe often have to feel the trapped painful emotion associated with it as it is released – but the rewards are great – more peace and freedom, deep contentment, a quiet mind and relaxed body, a greater sense of wellbeing. We may even awaken fully and permanently to our true nature.The therapeutic tools I offer often bring a profound sense of healing, love, and connection to ‘Source’ or God.