About me

I have always been interested in spirituality and healing (I first learnt chi gung in the late 1980s and qualified in shiatsu in 2002), but it wasn’t until my early 40s that I embarked on an intense therapeutic/ healing journey. At that time, I started to experience some very painful emotional states and sought help though a number of different therapeutic and healing modalities. I was quickly disillusioned by talking therapies as I realised that I needed to access something much deeper that my conscious mind was unaware of. Over time I saw that it was old, suppressed wounds and traumas from childhood that were surfacing, which seemed to be being drawn out by the relationships and circumstances in my life. I tried many therapies and trained in the ones that I found most effective at clearing these old wounds and patterns (which mostly involved dropping into a deeply relaxed right-brain/ trance state to by-pass the rational conscious mind to access buried memories and emotions). Now that I experience a much quieter, more peaceful and happier state of being, I am confident of the effectiveness of these modalities and it is time for me to share my skills with others so that they too may benefit.